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Boards and Commissions

Health Board

The Fountain Hill Health Board is comprised of five members with staggered 5-year terms. Established pursuant to the Borough Code, the Board is headed by a doctor that is employed by St. Luke’s Hospital. The Board meets infrequently, as needed and primarily is responsible for enforcing the laws of the Commonwealth and the Borough to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious disease, to abate and remove all nuisances deemed to be a public health hazard. The Board of Health, through its Sanitary Health Inspector, David Hay, conducts annual inspections of all public eating and drinking establishments in order to determine cleanliness and for the purpose of issuing a license. License renewal is $125. 

Shade Tree Commission

The custody of Borough trees falls under the direction of the Shade Tree Commission. Three members are appointed for a 3-year term. The Commission annually celebrates the Arbor Day on the last Friday of April, by planting a tree to commemorate a special person or event. The Commission is active with the local schools and provides an awareness of the importance of preserving trees, an invaluable natural resource. This effort has landed the Borough the Tree City certification award presented annually by the PA Department of Forestry. The Commission often reviews applications for removal and planting of shade trees and works closely with the Public Works Department to review street improvement projects in order to assist in the planning of notices to property owners.

Any resident interested in serving on the Commission should send a letter with resume to Borough Council, 941 Long Street, Fountain Hill, PA 18015, to be considered for the appointment.

Shade Tree Commission Members

  • Mike Klo appointed until 12/31/2025
  • Suzanne Poroszlai appointed until 12/31/2021 
  • Jason Quarry appointed until 12/31/2020 

Civil Service Commission

The Civil Service Commission is comprised of three residents appointed for a 6 year term. The primary duties are to develop qualifications and testing for appointments/promotions in the Police Department. The Commission also, when not otherwise required by a collective bargaining agreement, investigates and holds hearings for suspensions, removal, and reduction in rank of Police officers. The Commission meets as needed and on even number years to reorganize and elect officers.

Civil Service Commission Members

  • Charles Zurick appointed until 12/31/2022 
  • Norman Blatt Jr. appointed until 12/31/2024
  • Michael Langton appointed until 12/31/2026 

Police Pension Committee

The Police Pension Committee is comprised of four members and its primary function is to review the performance of the police pension fund and to make recommendations concerning the actuarial assumption changes to the Pension Plan. The members are by their respective Office: Borough Manager, Mayor, Chief of Police, Police Association President, Council President and Finance Clerk. The Committee meets as needed.

Police Pension Committee Members

  • Eric Gratz
  • Edward Bachert
  • Michael Johnson
  • Steve Fritzinger
  • Norman Blatt
  • Cordula Voges 

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