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Borough of Fountain Hill

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Grants Received

12/31/19 $400,000 grant“This Project was financed by a grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.”. 
2020$115,000For the purchase of a truck for Public Works and to aid the park/recreation program.
11/2019Commonwealth Financing Authority$1,000,000.00Multimodal Transportation
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4/05/2019  CDBG$284,050.00Stanley from N. Bergen to N. Hoffert 
5/10/2019Fountain Hill American $7,535.00 AED & Tasers
5/24/2019  LC Conservation DSA $44,017.60Lechauweki Springs
5/24/2019  LC Conservation DSA $10,479.75 Lechauweki Springs
8/6/2019  DEP Recycling  $24,616.00
9/24/2019 Community Development$284.050.00Reconstruct Stanley Ave &  N. Hoffert

Fountain Hill Borough

941 Long St
Fountain Hill, PA 18015
(610) 867-0301

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