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Borough of Fountain Hill

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Tax Collector

The Borough Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of Real Estate and Per Capita Taxes. The Tax Collector is elected for a four-year term to collect these taxes for the Borough of Fountain Hill. The Tax Collector, Thomas Redding, may be reached at or phone number  610-866-1678.

Tax Office Hours:
Please call for office hours and closing dates.

Keystone Collections Group collects the Earned Income Tax for the Borough. Questions concerning this tax should be addressed to 3700 Old Philadelphia Pike, Suite A, Bethlehem, PA 18015 Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm, phone 888-519-3897, or visit its website:

BERKHEIMER collects the Business Privilege, Mercantile, and Local Service Taxes for the Borough. Questions concerning these taxes should be addressed to BERKHEIMER. Contact BERKHEIMER by phone 866-701-7206, or 610-599-3139, or visit its website:

New Emergency Municipal Tax

Act 7 of 2007 amended Act 511 to rename the Emergency Municipal Service Tax and enact a new Local Service Tax. This new tax of $52 is levied on all individuals who engage in an occupation in the Borough of Fountain Hill. Those who make less than $12,000 per year are exempted from the Tax. The revenue derived from the tax will be used for police, fire and emergency services and for road improvement and maintenance.

Ordinance 704-Emergency Municipal Service Tax PDF

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