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Recycling and Waste Management

Residential Recycling

Republic Services has provided the following information to the Borough about an apparent recycling industry crisis due to the recent actions taken by the Chinese Government.  Republic Services advised that the United States generates more recyclable material than any other country in the world and China is the world’s largest buyer of recyclable material, importing up to 50% of the US recyclables.  The Chinese government recently imposed new rules severely restricting the levels of contamination allowed in the recyclable material they accept.  These changes have had catastrophic consequences on the US recycling industry.  Contamination is any non-recyclable item (TRASH) that gets mixed into a bale of recyclable material. When bales of recyclables arrive in China, they are cut open and sorted through.  Items such as plastic bags, clothing, medical waste, Christmas lights and any other non-recyclable items are considered “contamination”.  Previously bales were allowed to have around 5% contamination in them, or 92 lbs. of trash, in a 1,850 lb. bale of recycled paper.  Beginning in 2018, China changed those restrictions to a 0>5% contamination rate, or 9 lbs. of trash in a 1,850 lb. bale of recycled paper.  This is an unrealistic number that recycling companies cannot meet.  WE ARE ASKING BOROUGH RESIDENTS TO BE CAREFUL IN MAKING SURE THEY ARE NOT THROWING TRASH IN WITH THEIR RECYCLING SO THAT WE CAN TRY TO MEET CHINA’S NEW CONTAMINATION LIMITS AND KEEP TRASH COSTS DOWN.

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Benefits Of Recycling
  • Glass (Amber, Green, Clear)
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Bimetal (Tin & Aluminum)
  • Plastics (HDPE & PETE-with Recycling Logo 1 & 2; examples-soda, milk, juice, water & cleaning bottles)
  • Newspaper (Place alongside to recycling container in tied bundles or place in paper bags).
  • Christmas Trees
  • Lehigh County Solid Waste
  • Electronic Recycling
  • Collection varies depending on your zone.

Notice to all Fountain Hill Residents: Residents are prohibited from placing old televisions and computer monitors at the curb for trash collection. Please do not place these items at the curb for normal trash collection as the trash contractor will NOT collect them. If you place these items at the curb, you as the property owner, will be responsible for removal of the items. If the items remain on the street you could face penalties such as fines and costs. Contact any electronic recycler to dispose of, or recycle your old electronic devices.

Electronic Recycling

GER Solutions, LLC on 795 Roble Road, Allentown, PA 18109 accepts most electronics and electric/battery operated items. PLEASE CALL 610.443.1776 or email   FOR PRICING. A list of some acceptable material is available at

Zone One- North of Broadway Recycling is picked up every other week on Wednesday along with the trash pick up .

Zone Two – South of Broadway and East of S. Bergen Recycling is picked up every other week on Thursday along with the trash pick up .

Zone Three- South of Broadway and West of S. Bergen Recyling is picked up every two other week on Friday along with the trash pick up.

Materials can be commingled in your official recycling container. They are available for purchase at the Borough office for $10. Remember to rinse materials before disposing of them. Please adhere to the recycling preparation by rinsing cans and removing caps & lids. Any problems with collection, please call the Hauler (Republic Services Lehigh Valley Division) at 855-866-8399 or visit their website at

Commercial Recycling

  • Glass (Clear, Colored)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel & bi-metal Cans
  • Leaf Waste
  • High-grade office paper
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Plastic Bottles (labeled as #1 and #2)
  • White Goods (appliances)

Click HERE for the Code of Ordinance for Recycling

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