Fire Equipment Gallery

Ladder 3431

Ladder 3431Is a 2003 E-One 75’ Side Stacker Aerial Truck. This truck is equipped with an aluminum 75’ aerial ladder. An additional 110’ of ground ladders, 1000 watts of quartz halogen lighting at the tip of the aerial, 1,250 GPM mid mount Hale pump, 1000’ feet of 5” supply line. 2 large smoke ejectors, medical equipment like AED (to shock the heart), a stokes basket and rope rescue rigging equipment.

Due to the narrow streets and the height of the buildings of the borough. This truck is the first piece to respond out for all dwelling, structure, automatic fire alarms, and mutual aid fire calls.

Engine 3411

Engine 3411is a 1996 KME Renegade. This truck is equipped with a 2,000’ of 5” supply line, 1,500 GPM Waterous pump and a 50 gal AFF foam tank. 5 1 ¾ of pre-connected hand lines. 75’ of ground ladders, many different types of ground lighting, nozzles and assorted adapters and hand tools along with hydraulic rescue tools (Jaws of Life). medical equipment like AED (to shock the heart)

QRS (Quick Responses unit) 3471

QRS (Quick Responses unit) 3471This is our special services truck. This is a 2004. The fire department purchased the truck from fundraising and our yearly fund drive donations back in 2008 and then donated it to the Boughs. Then we received a grant to purchase the brush fires skid unit with a 300-gallon water tank and hose real. This truck is primarily used for quick medical care responses with EMS / ambulance assistance on more urgent medical calls where a few extra hands are needed or EMS has a delay in getting to the scene. More fire departments are being called upon to provide quick medical care than years past due to the over whelming demand put on the EMS services of any given City, Township or own. However, this piece has been more of a multi-purpose truck for extra tools and equipment.