Household Hazardous Waste Collection (HHW)

Lehigh County will be holding a Household Hazardous Waste, (HHW) collection event on March 28thThis event is strictly for Lehigh County residential use only, no commercial entities will be admitted!  The information for that event will be posted on the County website at over the next couple of days.  Rresidents will be required to pre-register on the website to participate.  The starting button will be located on the front page of the website.  All pertinent information regarding date, location of the event and things such as, what materials are acceptable, and what materials are not acceptable. The resident will click on what they anticipate bringing in so that the contractor is prepared in advance.  The resident will then be directed to print out their admission receipt once they complete the pre-registration process.  Note that the computer program will require them to input their address which will verify their residency for us.  During the pre-registration process they’ll select an appointment time.  Again, they’ll be prompted to print out an admission receipt to bring with them along with personal identification for admission to the event.  They should show up on time, not early for the event.  No unregistered attendees will be admitted.