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Borough of Fountain Hill

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Council Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Borough Council meets twice a month, the official regular monthly meeting is usually held on the first Monday of each month. On the 3rd Wednesday, Council holds Special Meetings/Work Sessions to discuss the agenda for the regular Council meeting. Usually, a Notice of Special Meetings is accompanied by an agenda on the specific topic to be discussed and voted on. Minutes of both Regular Council meetings and Special meetings are kept and recorded after being approved. Work Sessions are somewhat informal and Council does not take official action on matters on the agenda.

The Borough falls under the guidelines of the Sunshine Law and all meetings of Council and its Committees are open to the public. Executive Sessions are held in private to discuss legal, negotiations, and personnel matters. All decisions are made in public, however.

Archived Minutes & Agendas


Fountain Hill Borough

941 Long St
Fountain Hill, PA 18015
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