Tax FAQs

  • What are your office hours, phone & fax numbers?
    Phone: 610-866-1678
    Fax: 610-867-7153

    Please call for office hours and closing dates.

    Lehigh County real estate taxes are collected by and payable to Lehigh County either at the Government Center, at a local Wachovia Bank or by mail. Tax bills will be issued by 4/1. Bethlehem Area School District real estate taxes are collected by the City of Bethlehem and are payable at the city tax office, at a local Wachovia Bank or by mail. Tax bills will be issued by 7/1. Please follow payment instructions as detailed on your bills. DO NOT SEND COUNTY OR SCHOOL TAX PAYMENTS TO THE BOROUGH TAX OFFICE. DOING SO MAY CAUSE A DELAY IN PROCESSING YOUR PAYMENTS AND MAY RESULT IN LATE PAYMENT CHARGES.
  • Where can I make my tax payments?
    Payments are accepted at the Fountain Hill Borough Municipal Building Tax Office, 941 Long Street, during tax collector's office hours. Payments can also be mailed or dropped in outer or inner office mail slots at our office location. Note: Exact change only is accepted for cash tax payments. PLEASE DO NOT DROP LARGE CASH AMOUNTS IN MAIL SLOTS. CASH PAYMENTS SHOULD BE MADE WITH THE TAX COLLECTOR ONLY AND SHOULD BE RECEIPTED.
  • Which taxes do you collect?
    We collect Real Estate Taxes and Per Capita Taxes for the Borough of Fountain Hill.

    Garbage/Sewage Bills are issued separately by the Borough and may not be combined with Real Estate Taxes.

    Earned Income Tax is handled by Keystone Collections. Questions concerning this tax should be addressed to 224 Nazareth Pike, Suite 16, Bethlehem, PA 18020, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm, phone 888-519-3897, or visit its website: Tax forms are available at Borough Offices.
  • What are the due dates for Borough Real Estate Taxes?
    Net Period (2% Discount): 4/1 - 5/31
    Face Period (Flat Tax): 6/1 - 7/31
    Penalty Period (10% Penalty): 8/1 - 12/31
    Postmarks accepted.
  • Can I combine Real Estate Taxes and Per Capita Taxes in one payment?
    Borough Real Estate and Per Capita Taxes may be combined in one payment.
  • Can I pay my Borough Real Estate Tax bill in installments?
    Borough real estate tax payments must be paid in full and must be remitted as one payment.
  • How do I get a receipt for my payment if mailed or dropped in office mail slots?
    If an official receipt is desired, submit both copies of your tax bill with a self-addressed stamped envelope and your receipt will be returned or retain the taxpayer's copy and your check will be your receipt. If indicated, We will hold your receipts at the office for pick-up.
  • What if my bank or mortgage company pays my taxes from escrow?
    If a bank or mortgage company pays your real estate taxes for you, please forward your real estate tax bills to them. All original tax bills are sent to the property owner unless otherwise designated by the Lehigh County Assessment Office via an official address change form (available at office). If you would like your tax bills sent to another address other than the property address please contact this office or the assessment office.
  • Do you provide proof of real estate tax payments for the purpose of rent/property tax rebates?
    Send your request to the tax office and include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Payment history will be sent to you. You may also leave your request on the office answering machine and pick up your tax payment history at the office during office hours.
  • Does the Homestead Rebate apply to Borough real estate tax bills?
    No. The rebate applies to school tax bills. You must have a Homestead Application on file with the Lehigh County Assessment Office to receive the Homestead Rebate. Forms are available at the Borough Office, Assessment Office or online at
  • Do you provide tax certifications and duplicate bills?
    Tax certifications and duplicate bills will be provided upon request. Tax Cert includes current year tax information for Borough and School real estate taxes.

    Garbage/Sewage payment information must be obtained from the Borough Clerk.

    Fax or send your request for a tax certification to:
    Thomas Redding at 941 Long St., Fountain Hill, PA 18015.
    Tax Certification Fee: $15.00
    Duplicate Bill Fee: $ 5.00

    Contact Lehigh County Fiscal Office for county tax certifications at 610-782-3112. Contact the City of Bethlehem Tax office for school tax certifications at 610-865-7011.
Additional Reminders:
  • Taxes are due and payable as prescribed by law, whether or not a tax bill has been received by the taxpayer.
  • The taxpayer is responsible for all returned check fees.
  • All real estate taxes unpaid as of 12/31 will be turned over to Lehigh Valley Tax Claim for collection.
  • Mailing address changes must be made through this office or through the Lehigh County Assessment Office.
  • There are no exemptions regarding the borough per capita tax.
  • For a complete text of the Borough Real Estate and Per Capita Tax see Code of Ordinance, Chapter, 18, TAXATION.