Garbage Collection


Republic Services of NJ, LLC collects the Borough’s garbage twice a week

South Side of the Borough
Tuesday & Friday

North Side
Mondays & Thursday

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PLEASE REMEMBER, collection time for refuse and recycling is from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the day of collection. Borough Ordinance requires that all containers and receptacles shall be placed at the edge of each property (curbside) no more than 12 hours prior to collection and REMOVED within 12 hours after the material has been picked up. All households shall provide containers or plastic bags no less than 10 gallons and no more than 32 gallons, not to exceed 35 pounds. Only Borough residents may deposit garbage that is to be collected. It is unlawful for any nonresidents to bring any material into the Borough. No earth or other material used for construction or remodeling shall be collected. This material is to be disposed of by the contractor or homeowner. (See also Chapter 20, Solid Waste, Code of Ordinances)

Notice to all Fountain Hill Residents: Residents are prohibited from placing old televisions and computer monitors at the curb for trash collection. Please do not place these items at the curb for normal trash collection as the trash contractor will NOT collect them. If you place these items at the curb, you as the property owner, will be responsible for removal of the items. If the items remain on the street you could face penalties such as fines and costs. Contact any electronic recycler to dispose of, or recycle your old electronic devices.

Yard Waste

Collected starting April 1 through October 31. Place waste (garden residue, shrubbery, hedge trimmings, plant debris, weeds, etc...) in an open container marked “Yard Waste”. Pickup varies with your zone. South Side, yard waste is picked up on the second collection of the week (Friday) and North Side on the second collection of the week (Thursday). Remember, tree trimmings must be cut in lengths and bundled. Large branches and stumps are not picked up.

The City of Bethlehem composting center will accept other yard waste (with the exception of grass, sod, tree stumps, and hay). An annual fee of $15 must be paid to the Borough (at Borough Hall) in order to be able to use the Bethlehem composting center.

The Bethlehem composting center offers free wood mulch and leaf compost to anyone who has paid to use their facility. The center also accepts paper yard waste bags (plastic bags not allowed). Paper yard waste bags may be purchased at Borough Hall for $0.50 each or at any home improvement store. If you have any questions, contact Jason Quarry at 610-867-8777 or email


Beginning in January, 2013, the Borough of Fountain Hill Public Works Department will start picking up tree limbs throughout the Borough. Collection of limbs will be on the first Monday of every month and must adhere to the following restrictions:
  1. Limbs may not be longer than 8 feet
  2. Limbs may not be more the 6” in diameter
  3. Limbs must be at the curb, we will not go into yards for them
  4. No tree stumps will be picked up

Household Hazard Waste-County Collection Program

If residents require the disposal of household hazardous waste, those seemingly ordinary products that are used in every day projects around the home, like paints, pool chemicals and drain cleaners, they are encouraged to contact the County of Lehigh, Office of Solid Waste Management at 610-799-4177. Pre-registration is required for dates and locations. Acceptable household waste is paints (oil based), flammable liquids (gasoline, varnish, solvents, gas/oil mixtures), wood & metal finishing products, deck stain, water sealers, household cleaning agents, solid pesticides, fertilizers, alkaline batteries, fluorescent light tubes. Unacceptable waste includes medical waste, radioactive waste, smoke detectors, ammunition of any kind, and explosives of any kind. Waste such as motor oil, propane cylinders, car batteries, and antifreeze will be accepted at other locations.