§ 501. Obstructions Prohibited. [Ord. 424, 3/7/1988; as amended by Ord. 756, 6/7/2010]

It shall henceforth be unlawful for any owner, occupant or user of premises located in the Borough of Fountain Hill aforesaid to suffer or permit snow or ice to remain upon the pavements or sidewalks for a longer period of time than 10 hours after the snow shall have ceased to fall or the ice to form; or to permit grass, weeds, mud, stones or other obstruction to grow, accumulate or be upon such pavements, sidewalks and gutters; or to permit such pavements, sidewalks and gutters to otherwise fall into an unpassable, unsanitary or unsafe condition; or to permit any person to throw snow upon any street, highway, or alleyway, that has already had snow removed from said street, highway, or alleyway by the Borough Public Works Department or any of its agents; or to place any object in the street which results in a parking space or area being obstructed.