What You Can Do- A Message From Your Mayor

January 18, 2018
Hello Hillers!
Recently there have been a string of “car invasions” in the borough.  There are many people in the borough who park on our streets.  When people are entering their cars in the morning, they are finding that they’ve been ransacked.  Small change, electronics and other items are missing. 
These are admittedly minor crimes but they affect the way we feel about where we live.
If you see someone acting suspiciously, if your dogs are going crazy and you don’t know why, take a minute to call (610) 691-5513 and report what you are seeing or hearing.
We live in a lovely little borough and we want to keep it a safe, place to live.  Our wonderful police department wants to help but we need to help them when we can.
Most sincerely,
Carolee Gifford